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We support individuals and their carers through memory loss.

Memory loss, cognitive impairment or dementia, affect a significant number of older people. Enliven can support you or a loved one to navigate your own personal journeys via services like counselling and social work, and Health Service navigation, while our day programmes, particularly the Harakeke Club, are set up to ensure continued social connection.


Read how we've helped HomeShare

Bringing older people with shared interests together in the comfort of a private home or suitable community facility.

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Read how we've helped Counselling & Social Work

Enliven counsellors, therapists, nurses and social workers are ready to listen, to advocate for, provide counselling and to support older people.

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health care services

Read how we've helped Health Service Navigation

Partnership community Workers will help you to identify and access health care services and entitlements you may need in your community.

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Read how we've helped Harakeke Club

Day activity programmes for older people who may be socially isolated or have memory loss and cognitive impairment (Dementia).

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Read how we've helped Tōtara Club

Enliven Tōtara Clubs provide day activity programmes for older people who have many and varied interests but have become socially isolated.

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