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Growing older has its moments!

For some people, those ‘moments’ may turn into poor health, extended isolation or other stressors that start to significantly impact on their quality of life. At Enliven, we’re here to listen and to help. Whatever the health or wellbeing concerns of yourself or a loved one, Enliven is here to support lives lived to their longest and most full.

falls prevention

Read how we've helped Falls Prevention

Stay safe at home with Enliven's home assessment and exercise-based falls prevention programme.

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Read how we've helped Counselling & Social Work

Enliven counsellors, therapists, nurses and social workers are ready to listen, to advocate for, provide counselling and to support older people.

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volunteer support

Read how we've helped Volunteer Support

Supervised, local volunteers supporting older and less mobile members of the community. Our volunteer support programme provides help for older people around home, as companions, or simply a regular ride to the supermarket to shop.

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health care services

Read how we've helped Health Service Navigation

Partnership community Workers will help you to identify and access health care services and entitlements you may need in your community.

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Older Maori support

Read how we've helped Kaiāwhina

Our Kaiāwhina (navigators) help improve access to social services for older Māori by providing culturally appropriate support.

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Elder Care Canterbury

Read how we've helped Elder Care Canterbury

Elder Care Canterbury is a collective of people who have an interest in improving health services for older people of Canterbury.

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Read how we've helped Enliven East Christchurch Kaumātua/Older People Service

We recognise there is a need for these services specifically in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch. Providing help and support for our valued kaumātua/older people will help them thrive in their community.

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