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At Enliven, we ensure that older New Zealanders have access they need to community-based support – from someone to talk to, activities to join in with or help that will ensure a safe, healthy independence at home.

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Our approach

We believe that everyone has the right to age with dignity and to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

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Our aim is to ensure that older New Zealanders are afforded the respect they deserve as well as the opportunity to grow older with dignity.

Enliven provides a range of services throughout the Upper South Island (and New Zealand). Click below to use our website search function.


Being socially active is a key determiner of health & wellbeing for people of all ages. Enliven can help you or a loved one to stay connected with your community.

Older Maori support

Enliven’s range of support services will help to ensure that you – or a loved one, remain safe, comfortable and socially involved, while living in your own home.

We all have the right to age with dignity. We’ll advocate for your rights and entitlements as an older person seeking access to health and wellbeing services in the Upper South Island.

Our Enliven Positive Ageing Services teams are here to listen and to help. Enliven is here to support older people to live their lives to their fullest.


Memory loss, cognitive impairment or dementia, affect a significant number of older people. Enliven can support you or a loved one to live positively with memory loss.


Caring for a loved one who has reduced cognitive or physical capacity is challenging. At Enliven, we take care to look out for those who care for older people too.

earthquake helpline

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Earthquake Support is there to help and assist you when dealing with your earthquake rebuild becomes too much by yourself.

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