The Poet in Us All

The Poet in Us All


Initially, Janet ran a twelve week poetry workshop with HomeShare members at the Community Care Centre in Lincoln. “The idea was to use poetry as a creative, social activity for older people in a way that was meaningful, mentally stimulating, sociable and fun,” said HomeShare Coordinator Chris Guerin.

“This kind of engagement can be especially meaningful to our HomeShare clients; many of whom are socially isolated and experiencing cognitive impairment.”

Participants spent their time sharing and recalling well-known poems, then writing their own collective pieces to listen to and enjoy.

Janet is continuing to work with other Enliven HomeShare groups
in the region.

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My wife and I

Retired to a bay

On the Coromandel.

A wonderful place.

A sandy beach.

We’d swim together.

Take out a small boat

In the afternoon.

Catch a snapper.

Cook it for tea.