Taking care of older Maori

Enliven Kaiawhina (Maori counsellor or navigator), work alongside whanau, marae and local Maori Health (Te Huarahi Oranga) to improve access to social services for Maori. They support clients individually, in their homes, as well as liaise with local Kaumatua/elders to ensure that older Maori are aware of – and receive, the social support that they need in a culturally appropriate way.

How we help

If you or an older loved one is of Maori descent, we can provide:

  • A Maori community support work available if preferred *
  • Culturally sensitive liaison between whanau, marae, Te Huarahi Oranga and the mainstream social support service network
  • An assurance that your Tikanga and cultural needs will be met when seeking social service support
  • Some advocacy work

Our Kaiawhina also work internally, bringing cultural training to other Enliven and Presbyterian Support staff, particularly new staff, volunteers and students.

*Where available.

Where to start

  • Contact us to find out more about Kaiawhina support in your area
  • Or contact one of the Service Centres listed below.

This service is available at: