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Find the help you need.

Understanding and navigating health services for older people can be confusing. If you are struggling to access the services you need or are confused about your entitlements, contact us today. One of our qualified social workers can help you to find the support that you need or alternatively, in Canterbury, you can speak with a Partnership Community Worker.

Partnership Community Worker

Enliven’s Partnership Community Workers (PCWs) are funded by Pegasus Health. They form a network of supportive professionals across Canterbury. PCWs work together with GPs and local communities to help remove the barriers that some people face in accessing health care. PWCs may work with you or a loved one if:

  • you or a loved one feels vulnerable, socially isolated or removed for any reason, from a support network
  • you or a loved one has unmet health needs including physical and/or mental health problems

How we help:

Enliven’s professionally registered staff and Partnership Community Workers know and understand the health service and national support networks. They’ll:

  • listen to your concerns
  • respect your cultural needs
  • help you to identify your health and wellbeing needs and;
  • put you in touch with the right support service

Where to start:

Click here to contact us, or contact your nearest Enliven Service Centre today.