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Elder Care Canterbury

An intersectoral and community group that works together for the wellbeing of Canterbury’s older people.

What is Elder Care Canterbury

Elder Care Canterbury is a collective of people representing organisations, service providers and consumers who have an interest in improving health services for older people of Canterbury. It has open membership and is coordinated by an employed Coordinator.
Elder Care Canterbury is community based and community driven. It is “older person focussed” and enables active involvement of older people.
Elder Care Canterbury works in an inclusive and collaborative way and is a successful example of integration and coordination between various stakeholders involved in health and social support of older people, including consumers, government and non-government service providers and funders.

Why Was Elder Care Canterbury Started?

Elder Care Canterbury was established in 1997 as a result of Pegasus Health and geriatricians having concerns over the provision of health services for older people in Canterbury. It has since grown its membership to include groups and individuals from the across the health sector and the community.

What Interest Groups Make Up Elder Care Canterbury?

Seven special interest groups presently operate under the umbrella of Elder Care Canterbury:

  • Consumer Group
  • Provider Forum Christchurch
  • Mid Canterbury Forum
  • North Canterbury Forum
  • Kaumatua Hui
  • Pacific Fono
  • Refugee and Migrant Health Issues Group
These groups address the vital issues relating to the health and wellbeing of our ageing population including:
  • Advocating for, developing and improving access to health and social services
  • Consumers having a formal voice and active involvement
  • Consultation, exchange of information and communication between all stakeholders
  • All stakeholders working together towards common goals

How is Elder Care Canterbury administered?

From April 2006, ECC is administered by Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (PSUSI) under contract to Canterbury District Health Board’s Planning & Funding Department, which previously administered ECC internally.

How does Elder Care Canterbury “work together to integrate and improve health services”?

Elder Care Canterbury is a very good example of the community working together in identifying areas where collaboration between groups/agencies will improve health and wellbeing services for older people and in advocating for appropriate changes for improved access to services for older people.

  • All Elder Care Canterbury groups have a positive relationship with CDHB, which seeks feedback around policies and issues affecting older people’s health services. Members can be coopted to participate in various projects and focus groups.
  • The Consumer Group performs an important monitoring role of the health systems as they affect older consumers. It feeds back problems and issues to CDHB and other agencies as appropriate. Various project facilitators frequently consult the Consumer Group and provide progress about their work, inviting comment and recommendations.
  • At the Provider Forums, information from agencies and the CDHB is shared. Areas where collaboration will improve services and access to these services are identified and worked on.  There is also a strong link with the Christchurch City Council (CCC) and other government organisations whose personnel participate at Forums.
  • Forums with a rural focus are held in North Canterbury (Rangiora) and Mid Canterbury (Ashburton).
  • Bi-annual Hui and Fono are jointly organised with the CDHB to ensure issues affecting older Maori and Pacific people are heard. Participants also have the opportunity to be informed about changes and services available to them both in the hospitals and community.
  • The Older Persons Refugee and Migrant Health Issues Group was established in 2007.  People of various ethnicities and representatives of agencies who provide services to this sector of the community attend this group. An advocacy role and links with Pegasus Health, the CDHB and the Office of Ethnic Affairs is developing

How can you become involved with Elder Care Canterbury?

Do you have an interest in health services for older people?
  • Would you like to have a voice in improving access to health services for older people?
  • Are you an ‘older person’?

Join the Elder Care Canterbury Consumer Group.

  • We invite more people who are passionate about health and wellbeing services for older people in Canterbury to join the Consumer Group. Due to our increasing role in consultation and collaboration with providers in health and social services in Canterbury, your participation would be very welcome.
  • This is an opportunity for you to have a voice, to be part of an energetic group, to share information, to be consulted and involved in projects aimed at improving aspects of health service delivery.
  • To mention a few of many others, members are consulted in the Princess Margaret Hospital Consumer Participation Group, Burwood Hospital Liaison Group, the CDHB Consumer Council, the Christchurch Hospitals Facility Development Project and Pegasus Health’s Canterbury Clinical Network Aged Care Workstream, working to improve health services for older people.
  • Information is shared between representatives of agencies and the project working groups. Consumer representatives also attend the bi-monthly Christchurch Provider Forum.
  • The Consumer Group meets on the first Monday of each month.

Contact the co-ordinator

Helen Ross
Elder Care Canterbury Co-ordinator
Presbyterian Support Upper South Island
P O Box 13 171, Christchurch 8013
Phone (DDI): (03) 363 8225
Mobile: 027 5577 372
E-mail: helen.ross@psus.org.nz


  • Or contact us via this website. Click here to find your nearest Service Centre contact details and our contact form.

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