Orana Park Discounts Entry for Our Mentors

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Orana Park Discounts Entry for Our Mentors

Orana Park Discounts Entry for Our Mentors

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…how about you, you, you?


Mentoring is about building a meaningful relationship between a young person and a caring adult, so Family Works mentors are encouraged to spend time with their young people, not money. Nevertheless, from time to time it’s beneficial for our young people to enjoy special experiences. It enables them to perhaps enjoy opportunities similar to their school peers, and to create happy memories.

Many Family Works mentors are students, so paying for special experiences can be out of reach. Mentoring coordinator Sarah Taylor approached Orana Wildlife Park to see if they could help, and indeed they did.

“Orana Park have been fantastic to work with,” says Sarah. “All through 2019 they offered half price entry to our mentors, and all the young people who visited the park had a wonderful time. Because who doesn’t love animals?!”

Orana Wildlife Park is continuing its support for the Family Works mentoring programme through 2020. We are enormously grateful for their generosity and for the positive impact they’re having on our young people’s lives.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, learn more at www.psuppersouth.org.nz/volunteer.