Preventing falls at home

Preventing falls at home

Falls Prevention

Injuries sustained in the home by the elderly can be significantly reduced with diligent falls prevention, says Registered Nurse and Rangiora Service Centre ‘Falls Champ’, Alicia Frost.

“The Enliven Falls Prevention Programme goes beyond simply helping clients to build strength and improve balance,” says Alicia. “As part of the Enliven Falls Prevention Programme, we also make sure that home environments are safe. If they’re not, we are now accredited to request that equipment essential to our clients’ independent living is provided in a timely manner.”

“Everyone has a right to age with grace,” says Alicia. “For many elderly clients, maintaining independence goes hand in hand with their sense of dignity.”

Alicia gives the example of Jenny*, 71 years young and presenting with numerous episodes of her knee giving way and instability in the home. “Jenny’s rehabilitation was being hampered by her ongoing falls,” said Alicia. “Most of Jenny’s falls happened after a visit to the powder room. After visiting her at home, we realised that providing Jenny with a raised toilet seat would prevent the majority of her falls. One was promptly installed and Jenny has not looked back.” In fact, Jenny’s recovery improved so rapidly that she found the confidence to join a local community exercise class with some neighbours and was discharged from the programme early.

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