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In 2015-16, 309 volunteers donated 31,411 hours to Presbyterian Support Upper South Island.

They listened and talked, set up and packed down, drove and enabled community connectedness, offered new activities and boosted self esteem.
Our volunteers ensure that our older clients have meaning and purpose in their day and that our young people and their families have support and opportunities. Most importantly our volunteers are able to be there for our clients, enriching the services we offer.

Mentor and university student, Nita McNair volunteers because “these are kids. More often than not they’re in situations they shouldn’t be in. That’s a hard truth. It makes me grateful to be able to be there, to be someone to depend on. It makes me more dependable.”

Sharon Christie, a recent Enliven Totara Club volunteer, feels privileged to volunteer. “As a society I don’t think we’re best at looking after our elderly. That’s unfortunate because everyone here is interesting, they’ve all got these remarkable stories and I feel privileged that they let me in, share some of their history with me and that I am able just to listen.”