Judy comes home

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Judy comes home

After a nightmare-resembling process over Judy’s earthquake damaged home, she felt emotionally drained. With some help from one of our Earthquake Support Coordinators, things finally started looking up for Judy.

Taking back control

Judy’s is an all-too-common story of the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes. She came to Presbyterian Support in February 2013 via the Avondale Hub overseeing residential earthquake repairs in her area. She had been through the EQC process with little progress. The repairs on her home in Huntsbury were deemed over cap and Judy was put in touch with Southern Response.

At short notice her rebuild began. The house was demolished and the foundations were poured – in the wrong place. Things progressed fitfully, then the builder disappeared. Judy arrived at the house one Friday morning and a sub contractor was taking things from the house. He told her that he hadn’t been paid and the builder had gone out of business. By Saturday morning, the house had been gutted. “It was horrendous and scary,” said Judy.

By now, Judy had lost faith and was feeling emotionally drained. “I was forced to drive the show, constantly questioning decisions, pushing for action, spotting and reporting errors. It became exhausting,” she recalls.

“It took a long time for the insurance company to acknowledge that there was a problem and that both the builders and the project manager were out of their depth,” says Presbyterian Support Earthquake Support Coordinator, Dennis Langton who by now, was on board.  “I put lines in the sand to speed up the process. Judy wasn’t looking for anything she didn’t deserve,” he said.

“The biggest difference was the reassurance that having someone on my side made,” said Judy. “Because everything was so muddled and people were not doing what they promised, I began to second guess myself. Just having someone else with you to be another set of ears and eyes, was a huge relief. In the end, it was the services that the Earthquake Support team helped me to identify – that I didn’t know to tap into, that became useful and really turned the project around.”

Judy moved into her home in September 2015.

Our Earthquake Support Team has supported 700 individuals in dealings with insurers, builders and EQC. If you or anyone you know, need support with their earthquake enquiries, call the Canterbury Support Line  0800 777 846.

“Just having someone with you, to be another set of eyes and ears, was a huge relief.”