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Positive Ageing Services

At Enliven, we recognise that getting older can have its challenges. Finding support during these times can relieve anxiety and stress, and ensure that you keep on enjoying the many aspects of being an older person.

Enliven Positive Ageing Services ensure that all older New Zealanders have access to community-based support, be it someone to talk to, activities to join in with or help that will ensure a safe, healthy independence at home.

What is Positive Ageing?

Positive ageing is a philosophy that recognises some things make for a healthier, happy life, no matter what your age:

  • A sense of community
  • Friends, family, whānau – people you love who love you back
  • Being able to give and to receive
  • A home of your own choosing
  • Being able to make good decisions for yourself
  • And, most of all, practical support when, how and where you need it most.

Here at Enliven, we are guided by this philosophy. We believe in helping people thrive, not just survive, with personalised programmes designed to help them build strength and resilience, and to achieve their goals – based on what is important to them.

Enliven Upper South Island

Enliven operates nationally as part of Presbyterian Support. We work with older people of any culture or religion.

In the upper South Island, our focus is community-based support, offering services in Christchurch, Mid Canterbury, West Coast, Marlborough, North Canterbury and Nelson.

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