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Help us to meet current needs

Enliven Upper South Island has built its reputation for positive ageing services around its ability to adapt to client need. We give our supporters that flexibility too. Below you’ll find our current funding campaigns. Please help us to deliver support where it is most needed.

Young adult worker walks with older lady

Read how we've helped Where needed most

Your generosity will help us to top up some of the underfunded areas of Presbyterian Support Upper South Island’s work with older people and vulnerable children and their families.

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Read how we've helped Become a Guardian Angel

Being a Guardian Angel means knowing that every day you are making a lasting positive difference for vulnerable families and children in your community.

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Read how we've helped The Power of Connection

We are getting back to basics and helping people in your community meet their most basic needs. Make a difference with your tax-deductible donation and you can be part of people helping people in your community.

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Read how we've helped Day Programme Resources

Sadly, as many as 24 per cent of New Zealand children (that’s around 260,000) live in poverty. One child under two is hospitalised every five days and on average, one child is killed every five weeks.

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